“Revs. Matt and Amy Carpenter are a gift to the Body of Christ. They are solid in their doctrine, sound in their beliefs and sold out in their relationship with Jesus, as well as to each other. They ministered a few times at our District Minister's Conference and were impacting and connected with the people in relevant and practical ways. I have known this anointed couple and their family for a number of years. I have stayed in their home on different occasions, and they are genuine, down to earth people who understand their kingdom assignment and are willing to do what it takes to accomplish the mission for our King. Anyone who would choose to partner with this team will be blessed and empowered.”

Bishop Timothy Groves, Time to Move Ministries, Kingdom Builders Network


“Matt and Amy Carpenter are an outstanding couple that has a passion for ministry. They are the real deal. I have known them for over four years, and they have honestly been a blessing to me and our ministry in many ways. Matt and Amy lead a great church that is vibrant, mature, and fruitful because they have laid a solid foundation. They are very gifted and anointed in several areas: 


  •  Leadership development – Matt has a passion for developing leaders to a level of maturity where those leaders are confident in knowing who they are in Christ Jesus, the authority they have as a believer. These leaders are passionate about personal ministry. Leadership development is very much needed in the church today.
  • Relational – Matt and Amy have the ability to develop relationships with their congregation and their peers that cause them to let their guard down opening their hearts to receive.
  • Atmosphere – Matt and Amy know how to flow as the Holy Spirit leads them. They preach, teach and lead worship in atmospheres they have created through inspiration, equipping and activation.
  • Servant’s heart – They come to serve, helping others come into the fullness of their calling and God-given assignments.
  • Maturity – Matt and Amy are very mature leaders. They have a great understanding of God’s word and His ways. They have a Kingdom mindset, knowing how to move from the impossible to the possible. They move strongly in the prophetic, miracles, signs and wonders. 

I honestly believe any church or ministry that partners or connects with Matt and Amy will find themselves getting to that next level, experiencing a breakthrough, seeing an increase in all areas of their church or ministry. I highly recommend Matt and Amy to your church or ministry. You will be blessed!” Apostle John Guy Lockwood Burpee Founder - Destiny Churches &  Ministries International Apostolic Network www.dcmian.com  www.johnburpee.com


“Matthew and Amy have my deepest respect, as they have demonstrated outstanding leadership and maintained a clear sense of purpose. 
For several years Matthew and Amy have been a part of our faculty at Maranatha Ministry Training Centre. I could always depend on them to set the best example as instructors. Both Matthew and Amy have natural leadership abilities. They have an understanding of the nature of the church, and they understand the nature of the Christian life on a personal level. Their many years of pastoral and apostolic ministry is clearly demonstrated in their training of and preparing church leaders to reach their full potential. 


I recommend Matthew and Amy to you without reservation. If you have any further questions about their background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.” 
Rev. Donald B. Carpenter, President… Maranatha Ministry Training Centre, founder of Maranatha Revivals Inc. 10 Days Road, Wickham, New Brunswick, Canada  


Several years ago the Lord gave me a vision for an apostolic center.  This vision was definitely out of my natural knowledge since it required me to become a business owner, the president and administrator of a ministry, and I built a team of individuals who would join me in establishing a Kingdom mindset for our area.  I managed to implement the counseling aspect of my business and the beginning steps for the equipping and training school I was commissioned to establish. It was then that I hit a wall, and a seemingly pruning process began.  Unsure about whether to continue to pursue the vision that the Lord gave me, I reached out for help.  Matt and Amy are willing vessels with a real vision from the Lord to help advance the Kingdom of God through apostolic leadership training.  Their vision of the ‘cogs’ (‘MaXimize 5’) made sense to me!  God had told me it was to be a five-fold apostolic center, but I lacked how to implement those who had the right calling into correct positions so that the center can become an effective and influential establishment.    


Matt and Amy bring clarity and direction through their team presentation that increased insight and awareness for those in attendance.  They are helping us at Empowering Life Center to see more clearly the way to get through hindrances so that we can move forward.  Matt and Amy have a true calling from the Lord to help individuals, ministries, and churches to direct people into their God-given purpose so that we can advance the Kingdom of God the way He intended.  I would highly recommend their leadership training programs.”

Lois Flewelling, MA, LCPC & President Empowering Life Center, Houlton, Maine, USA 


“I was the president of the Maine Aglow International Ministry in Maine, USA. Matt has served in the capacity of an advisor to the Aglow State Board for the State of Maine for 8 ½ years. In that time, we have built a wonderful relationship with him and his wife, Amy. He has been a great support and encouragement to us throughout the years. He has participated in our yearly conferences in Maine, and his gifting and wisdom have been an inspiration to us. He has great insight as a leader and has been instrumental in the growth of this ministry. We appreciate the part he has played and the time he has invested in the Aglow Ministry. We have been fortunate to have had his help and advice.  His influence would be a great support and blessing in whatever direction the Lord leads you.” Christine Poitras, Aglow President in Maine, USA. 


I am writing to let you know about my experiences with Matt and Amy Carpenter.  I have known them both for around 15 years.  They are greatly anointed in what they are called to do for the Kingdom of God, and they also have understanding and insight into what it means to be anointed.  Many people that I deal with have a gift from God, and they can use it effectively in their ministry.  With Matt and Amy, it’s more than receiving a gift and operating in that gift, but they are also able to effectively impart those gifts to other people.  Matt and Amy have a passion for seeing small things become big things, and weak things to become strong things.  I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to have their church refreshed.”   
Pastor Kevin Mattatall, Senior Pastor of the Cape Breton Christian Fellowship Church in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.  The Religious Editor for the daily newspaper the Cape Breton Post.  The overseer and area Director for the Canadian Fellowship of Christian Ministries (CFCM) in Atlantic Canada.   


“In my roles as a ministry leader, university president, and business entrepreneur I have encountered numerous people of great intelligence. Sadly, knowledge alone only puffs up. But combine that knowledge with years of maturity and selflessness - well, now you have something of value! In other words: experience always trumps theory. Matt and Amy are so much more than theorists - they are seasoned practitioners. 

It is one of the great privileges of my life to serve the Lord and the Church as a member of the Maine Elder Council. Through these years of service, I have discovered the disconcerting fact that most ministers praise the idea of unity, yet few have the ability to walk it out. Envy, criticism, and self-importance get in the way of our walking together with any longevity or transparency.

Matt and Amy are easy to walk with. They are covenantal, humble and honest. You can trust them. The opportunity to build a relationship with them is a blessing waiting to happen to you!” 
Dr. John Eckhardt - Stauron International, Maine, USA